Comprehensive Reviews of the Best Hair Growth Products for Men and Women

You have to admit, the internet is packed full of products that claim to fix a problem.  Of course, most of these products stand with little to no scientific backing but instead rely on cutting-edge marketing tactics.  The same goes for the hair loss market, which is riddled with thousands of different companies that claim manufacture the best hair growth products for men and women.

You can easily recognize these types of companies, along with their websites.  For starters, you won’t find too many mentions of things like clinical trials or scientific studies.  Rarely will you ever see any sort of FDA approval or any guarantee whatsoever.

How to find the best hair growth products online

Finding the best hair growth products onlineFinding the best products for any sort of an ailment is not as hard as many would think.  You simply have to know how to navigate the right information.  The best buyer is one who is well informed and has done enough research to make an intelligent decision.

Think about those who are not well informed, like those who sit at home all day and order random products from television infomercials.  These types of people are following short-lived pipe dreams that are being induced through highly creative marketing.  These time and money wasting products almost always produce no positive results, and at times will actually create more problems in the long run.

This is the same marketing that makes parents rush their kids to McDonalds, despite knowing just how unhealthy their food is.

Don’t be an uninformed consumer anymore!

Science is a great thing, and you don’t have to be a genius to understand it.  All of my life people around me have always tried to convince me that I just need to sit back and let the mainstream scientists give me the answers.

Many people have this idea that if you never went to college, you simply are unable to judge anything scientific.

The problem is I’ve always been kind of a rebel, so I have to question everything and try to poke holes into other people’s logic.  I have found that most people will simply believe something as long as someone on the news prefaces it by saying “studies have shown…”

Television tells people what to thinkI have had a few health-related issues in my life from time to time, and have been lucky enough to have the time and patience to really do my research before getting into anything.  This has saved me both time and money and has given me the ability to live a better and healthier life.

A good example of this was years ago when I developed full-blown type 2 diabetes.  Instead of running off to the doctor to get the latest set of drugs from big pharma, I did my research.  Today I no longer have diabetes, and at 38 years old I feel like I’m 20 years old again.  All because I took the time to do research and I resisted the norms.

Science is knowledgeI stopped being an uninformed consumer, and I started by ignoring the corporate marketing and opened my eyes to basic science.

There are a few ways I have applied these simple principles in my quest for the best hair growth products.

  1. Online reviews through sites like
  2. Youtube reviews of products (these tend to be more personal, which is good).
  3. Published clinical trials.

That’s it!  Every time I am seeking a product to solve a problem in my life, I check those three resources.  Online reviews are great because you are seeing testimonials from actual users of the product.  After seeing enough positive reviews, I can finalize my findings through researching any clinical trials or studies on that particular product.

When it came to hair restoration, that’s exactly what I did.  I found tons of reviews of people claiming they are regrowing massive amounts of hair using these laser hair growth systems.  Oh and by the way, before I started looking into this, I actually believed that laser hair restoration was nothing more than pseudoscience.  When I thought about the idea of purchasing one of these things, it made me think of some cheap product you would buy off of an infomercial.

It wasn’t until I started digging into the actual testimonials and science that I became convinced.  Now that I am an actual user and am seeing results myself, I am now 100% sold.

But… I don’t have time to do research

Do research for your healthIf you don’t have time to do any research, then you should stop wasting money paying an expensive monthly cable or satellite bill.  I mean, why waste the money every month if you don’t have time to even take advantage of it?

Surely if you don’t have the time to do basic research in regards to your health, how could you ever have any extra time to watch television?  I know people don’t want to hear that, but it’s just the plain truth.

Unless you are simply placing television in a higher priority than your health and well being.  If that’s the case then good luck to you.

REMEMBER: There are companies all over the world that rely on slick marketing tactics to sell you their useless products.  Do your research and learn to navigate around these tactics and instead base your purchasing decisions on pure facts.  In my book, the harder a company has to market their product, the more skeptical I am.

Are online reviews of hair growth products really reliable?

Product reviewsWell yes and no.  First of all, online reviews are not in any way considered to be scientific.  But they are a very good starting point when it comes to seeking that perfect product for hair loss.

For instance, in my quest, I began my searching on  I looked into everything from hair laser combs, laser helmets, essential oils, shampoos, etc.

It didn’t take me very long to discover that these laser hair growth systems were rapidly gaining popularity among consumers, but of course, I remained skeptical.

My skepticism comes mostly from my belief that nothing really comes that easy, that no matter what you are just going to have to work really hard to get the things you want in life.  I struggled with this belief as I read review after review of people claiming they were regrowing lots of hair by simply wearing this laser helmet every other day.

Cleared by the FDAIt seemed way too simple for me, and this is the very reason why I moved from customer testimonials to reviewing actual scientific evidence in the form of clinical trials.

Once again I was surprised to find that not only are there clinical trials that back up such a product but that this product actually obtained FDA clearance.  Anyone who is half an expert will tell you that it is very rare that the FDA clears anything that does not fit into what we consider to be “mainstream healthcare”.

Because of the solid scientific evidence behind the product coupled with a nod from the FDA, the company is legally allowed to make the claim “clinically proven to regrow hair“.  Without a proper scientific basis, such a claim would actually be illegal.  Trust me on this, the FDA shuts down companies on a regular basis for making false medical claims.

Natural hair growth products reviews: from best to worst

1. Laser Hair Growth System.

IRestore Laser Hair Growth SystemI put this product at the top of the list for many reasons.  When you put all of these reasons together I believe using a hair laser growth system is by far the best option available today for both men and women.

Overall cost of treatment using a laser hair growth system

The total cost of at home treatment with a laser hair growth system is minimal when you compare the price to the benefits.  First of all, with this type of product, you are only making a one time purchase.  This means that after 10 years, this device ends up not really costing much at all when compared to other hair loss solutions that require repetitive purchasing of disposable products.

Product reviews

Customer reviewsI know many are leery about relying on product reviews, but there is somewhat of a science to it.  One thing you can bet your money on, when someone purchases a product and has a bad experience with it, they are very likely going to leave a very lengthy negative review.

On the other hand, as unfortunate as it is, many people who have success tend to not post reviews at all.

So right in the door, the scales are already tipped towards the negative, so be sure to keep that in mind before diving in.  With that said, if a company wants a product to have positive reviews, they better make sure they have a really good product.

Laser hair growth system
Laser hair growth system (bottom view)

Here are some examples of product reviews for the iRestore Laser Hair Growth System:

==>Click here to read some of the reviews of the iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

You can also research these types of products by simply searching for them on When you read reviews from Amazon, I always recommend looking at the ones labeled “verified purchase”.  This means that Amazon has verified that the reviewer did, in fact, purchase the product from their site.

Competing companies are not above using internet marketers to go online and post fake negative reviews to cast doubt on their competitor’s products.

Clinical trials

Clinical trialI get into a lot of arguments with people over clinical trials.  The biggest reason why is because I rely on them so much.  People overall have a tendency to want to stick with certain things in their lives, and they will continue to do so even if scientific evidence seems to point in the different direction.

“This is just what I do, if the science supports it then great.  If any science is against it, then that science is surely flawed” – Your run of the mill consumer.

I have heard all of the lines, used to cast doubt in your mind like “well you can’t just rely on that one”, or “was this study accepted within the mainstream scientific community?”

If a company makes a product that has the potential to threaten the profits of some of your larger companies, it’s technology will NEVER be accepted by the “mainstream” scientific community.

Drug companies choose profit over healthThere is widespread corruption in our food and drug industry.  This corruption is completely fueled by the desire for more profits by large corporations that essentially control politicians through powerful lobbying.  Imagine what would happen if the USDA all of a sudden reversed their position and started telling people to avoid sugar, the soon to follow propaganda would just about have people protesting in the streets.

Politicians know to either play the game or not be a part of the game at all.

By the way, the term “mainstream” basically is a term to describe those who are part of the “club”.  Those who are more than welcome to be a guest on Morning Joe or Oprah.  These are the companies that have made billions of dollars selling useless or sometimes harmful products to the general public.

The very scientists that these companies employ will embrace any supporting science while glossing over anything to the contrary.  Because of the internet and free enterprise, their momentum is being threatened by younger, smarter people that actually want to do something to help their fellow man.

Some of the best products were invented by someone who was desperately trying to help someone else.

With all of that said, the iRestore has been the subject of a recent clinical trial that showed incredible results.  This study was done professionally, against the same strict standards that would be applied to any other medical treatment.  It was this type of professionalism that brought the FDA to clear these amazing devices for the treatment of hair loss.

It’s not very often that a company such as this can claim any sort of FDA approval or clearance.

==>Click here to read more about the clinical trial conducted on the iRestore Laser Hair Growth System.

Just to be clear, they are claiming that the iRestore is clinically proven to regrow hair.  They are only allowed to do this because they have the scientific backing to prove it.  The FDA shuts companies down for making false claims without the proper scientific research to back it.

No side effectsKnown side effects of laser hair restoration

At this point, there are no side effects associated with the use of laser hair growth systems.  Actually, many are not aware that laser treatment is not a new concept when it comes to medical treatment.  Doctors have been using low-level lasers for decades to treat all sorts of ailments.

Even though laser therapy for hair loss is a newer concept, we do have years of research and experience to base any conclusions we make in regards to side effects.

My Conclusion about Laser Hair Growth

This is the best option for just about anyone, benefits ranging from price to safety and effectiveness.  Although the cost upfront may seem kind of high, this is the only cost that is involved.  There are no creams or shampoos to purchase, simply plug it in and wear it for 25 minutes every other day.

==>Click here to read my in-depth article on using a Laser Hair Growth System.

The iRestore is a solutiont that I have been using personally for almost two months from now.  So far I am extremely impressed with the results, even after only a month I noticed considerable progress.  My hair is thicker and stronger, I’m seeing my thinning spot slowly disappear along with more hair sprouting in my receding hairline.

==>Click here to read more about my progress with the iRestore laser hair growth system.

What about those laser combs?

So far I have done some research on the use of laser combs.  Although they do utilize the same technology as a laser helmet, I don’t personally feel they are as effective as a device you wear on your head.

Typically with a laser comb, you have to do a lot of work, while making sure to apply the comb evenly over your scalp.  Generally, it has been widely accepted throughout the scientific community that 25-minute sessions every other day is the optimal application of this technology for hair restoration.

So that means that every other day, you have to physically comb your hair with a laser comb for a total of 25 minutes.  Seems like a lot of extra work compared to simply putting on a helmet and pressing a button.

There is also the danger of accidentally shining these lasers in your eyes, unlike a helmet that will automatically power off if the device is removed.

==>Click here to see an in-depth review of the best laser devices on the market.

2. Essential Oils for Hair Loss

Overall cost of treatment using essential oils for hair loss

Essential oils for hair loss made number two on my list due to both it’s low cost and amazing benefits.  One thing I am particularly pleased with is that using essential oils can not only help with hair loss but can help with other scalp issues as well.

I don’t personally use essential oils for hair loss, but I do use them to help treat acne on my scalp.  Ever since I was a kid I had serious acne issues, which unfortunately pushed me into a lot of commercial products that only made things worse.

It wasn’t until later in life I discovered that my scalp actually needed moisturizing, not to be dried up even more with anti-acne medications. The answer for me was moisturizing with argan oil, but that’s another subject for a different day.

Another great thing about using essential oils for hair loss is you can use it alongside other treatments like a laser hair growth system to help heal the scalp and potentially accelerate the regrowth process.

Product reviews

Product reviewsFinding reviews on essential oils treating hair loss is a lot more challenging, due to the fact that essential oils are used to treat so many different things.  On top of that, the market is absolutely flooded with essential oil products all over Amazon.

This means you first have to locate which essential oil you want to try, then do a ton of online research to lock down any reviews.  This runs you into another issue that may hurt your research efforts even more.

At this point, essential oils are not commonly accepted throughout the scientific community for the treatment of hair loss.  That means that companies that market these products have a legal responsibility to not make any medical claims, and this includes product reviews.

May customers will leave reviews that very quickly get taken down due to the medical claims made.  Of course, no customer is going to really care about legalities when writing a review.  If a product worked for you really well, you’re gonna simply write a review and share your thoughts without scrutiny.  Unless your testimonial is very broad and unspecific, expect that review to be removed rather quickly, as the FDA will hold that company responsible if they fail to do so.

Essential oils for hair growthThat means if I were to go online and post a review, let’s say I use the wording such as “this essential oil made my hair grow back”.  That review would quickly be removed since it would be in violation of the whole “no medical claims” rule.  Instead, you would have to say something like “essential oils contributed to my overall hair health”.  So the only way someone can actually leave a positive review is they have to present their claim to you using smoke and mirrors, which can, unfortunately, make things completely unclear.

You can find particular essential oils for hair growth on this page where you can read their reviews on Amazon:

==>Click here to learn more about essential oils for hair loss

Peppermint Essential OilClinical trials

There are a few clinical trials posted online when different essential oils were used to regrow hair.  These trials showed positive results in both men and women.

Here is one of those studies:

==>Click here to read a study on essential oils for hair loss

The study listed above does carry some pretty good results, although not as good as that of the iRestore laser hair growth system, which in 100% of participants showed a minimum 43% increase in hair growth and thickness.

DoctorsKnown side effects of using essential oils for hair loss

At this point, I have not found any particular side effects to this sort of treatment, outside of basic allergies.  Knowing what you are allergic to is very important before attempting to use essential oils for anything.

I am not claiming that this is the final verdict on the subject, it’s just something you might want to watch out for.  Also, there is the issue of additives, especially additives that are not even known.

Seeing how there are so many different products out there, with the potential to carry additional additives, I can’t with a clear conscience give a final determination on side effects with this sort of treatment.  Let’s just say there are way too many variables in this equation.

My conclusion about using essential oils to treat hair loss

Although the science behind essential oils seems to be there, my real concerns are the overall cost of treatment.  If you try essential oils for hair loss, you may not know if it will really work for you, as the clinical studies behind these products have not shown anything close to a 100% success rate.

What if you had been purchasing and applying these oils for months or years, and discovered it was not even working for you?  Can you get your money back?  Probably not.

Clove Essential OilAlso, even though I am a fan of things like essential oils, herbal supplements, and other at home treatments.  There is always the danger that you are not actually receiving what you think you are purchasing with these products.

You see, these products are not regulated like drugs by the FDA, but instead are more considered to be food.  It’s a well-known fact that many of these manufacturers add a lot of dangerous additives and even fillers that can render the product ineffective or even dangerous.

You would think that doing this would be illegal, but it would only be illegal if they were actually manufacturing drugs, in which they are not.

Then there is the cost, which frightens me.  You have to understand that as of right now there is no cure for baldness, there are only treatments that simply interrupt the process.  This means that if you choose one of these hair treatment options, you will most likely need to continue treatment as long as you wish to keep your hair.  So when choosing a method of treatment, you have to ask yourself how long do you want to keep your hair, and how much money are you willing to spend to do so.

Then there is the work involved, the mixing of the oils with a carrier oil (which is mandatory by the way).  After mixing, applying to your scalp, and keeping the oil on your head for at an hour or even more, sometimes overnight.  Washing the oil-soaked pillowcases, dealing with the smell of the oils, etc.

==>Click here to read my in-depth article on using essential oils for hair growth

3. Hair Regrowth Shampoo

Shampoo has been the standard for over the counter treatment of hair loss for many years.  Although there are a few shampoos out there that produce positive benefits.  Those benefits are usually very limited.

Let’s face it, if hair loss shampoos were so effective at treating baldness, there would be a whole lot more attention driven towards these products.

Typically these shampoos contain a well-known ingredient known as Minoxidil.  To make things easier, I am going to focus this part of the article specifically on Rogaine shampoo.

Product reviews of Rogaine with Minoxidil

As I started out researching reviews of Rogaine one thing, in particular, stood out to me.  Seeing many reviews claiming chest pains after using the product.  Chest pains are one of the many side effects listed on the product, and users are advised to discontinue use in the presence of this particular side effect.

That is because originally this drug was used to treat blood pressure issues.  It was only discovered later on that it could also help blood pressure.

This is because Minoxidil is what you call a vasodilator, a drug that is known to dilate the blood vessels.  This like many things is one of the main reasons why I personally follow a lifestyle that does not include any pharmaceutical drugs whatsoever.  It seems like no matter what, one day a drug gets approved, then 20 years later you see commercials from attorneys who are pushing class action lawsuits.  Of course after that much time, whatever damage is done is already done.  No court settlement in the world can give you your health back.

Other than the cardiovascular issue, the reviews of Rogaine seem overall to be quite positive.  Many users report their hair loss either slowing down or completely stopping in its tracks.

==>Click here to read some reviews of Rogaine from Amazon

Clinical trials on Minoxidil

There are some clinical trials that support the use of Minoxidil in hair loss products that show considerable results.  Like this one:

==>Click here to read a report about a clinical trial of Minoxidil for hair loss

Side effects of minoxidilSide effects of using Minoxidil products like Rogaine

  • Acne at the site of application
  • Burning of scalp
  • Facial hair growth
  • Increased hair loss
  • inflammation or soreness at root of hair
  • reddened skin
  • swelling of face
  • Blurred vision or other changes in vision
  • Chest pain
  • Dizziness
  • Fainting
  • Fast or irregular heartbeat
  • Flushing
  • Headache
  • Lightheadedness
  • Numbness or tingling of hands, feet, or face
  • Swelling of face, hands, feet, or lower legs
  • Rapid weight gain

Wow, I have to say it but a product such as this has way too many potential side effects for me.  This is the common game of pharmaceutical companies, they offer products that may help one thing, but at the same time potentially cause 20 other issues.

I find it funny that one of the potential side effects is “increased hair loss”.  Wait a minute?  So a product that is supposed to help me grow hair may actually help to make me balder?  Or it may give me a heart attack, make me lightheaded or cause me to rapidly gain weight?  Yeah, thanks but no thanks.

My conclusion about hair loss shampoos

My conclusion on hair loss shampoos is I choose to stay away from them for a number of reasons.  Which include:

  1. Cost of treatment is too high, you have to continue to purchase these products as long as you want to maintain your hair.
  2. Too many potential side effects, including ones that are potentially deadly like chest pains.
  3. Minoxidil is a pharmaceutical drug, which I avoid like the plague.  Due mostly to reason #2.

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