How To Reverse Hair Loss At Home With Hair Growth Laser Treatment

Finally, A Technology That Can Really Reverse Male and Female Pattern Baldness

Bald headSince my early thirties, I’ve struggled with thinning hair.  Not knowing anything about how to reverse male pattern baldness, I started my quest seeking affordable and effective natural hair growth products that are proven to reverse hair loss.

The internet is rife with just about every product under the sun including essential oils for hair growth, herbal supplements for hormones, hair growth combs, even products that claim to use magnets to stimulate hair growth.

For many years, the only effective option that I saw was expensive hair transplant surgery, which of course is way out of the question for me due to its excessive cost.  Not to mention the fact that there are many cases of failed hair transplants that ended up making things worse for people.

I needed something affordable while at the same time avoiding the snake oil salesmen.  A goal that for so long seemed far out of reach until now.

Then I Discovered Red Light Therapy For Hair Loss

IRestore Laser Hair Growth System
iRestore users treatments are 25 minutes, every other day.

Red light therapy, also known as Low-Level Laser Therapy or Low-Level Light Therapy is an FDA cleared solution that utilizes a special device that treats the scalp with clinical strength laser diodes and LEDs.

The process is non-invasive, pain-free, and is scientifically proven to induce regrowth of thicker, fuller hair.

So the good news is, you don’t have to take medications or buy expensive shampoos over and over again.  You can simply use one of these laser hair growth devices at home every other day.

Does Red Light Therapy For Hair Loss Really Work?

Laser hair growth system
Laser hair growth system (bottom view)

Yes, it really works.  I am happy to say that I can legally make that claim on this very website without the FDA kicking down my door.  I can say it works because of both clinical studies, as well as thousands of online reviews.

==> Click here to read my latest personal review of the iRestore hair growth system after 9 months of usage.

This is because laser treatment for hair loss has been sufficiently tested for safety and efficacy and has been cleared by the FDA.

As many know with most alternative treatments, companies are not allowed to make direct medical claims without approval backed by extensive research.

Clinical Study Reveals The Best Laser For Hair Growth With Breathtaking Results

Freedom Laser TherapyRecently, Freedom Laser Therapy, founded in 2003 as a provider of safe and effective solutions for hair restoration, completed a clinical study for its FDA-cleared hair laser growth device called the iRestore Laser Hair Growth System.

The overall mission of Freedom Laser Therapy has been to develop a device that would allow both men and women to treat hair loss conveniently at home.

Our aim is to provide non-invasive, convenient and effective solutions for people suffering from hair loss,” said Craig Nabat, CEO of Freedom Laser Therapy

Adam Bodian M.D.
Adam Bodian, M.D. is a board-certified laser surgeon and a member of the American Academy of Dermatology based out of New York.

This study was performed double-blind using 20 real iRestore Laser Hair Growth helmets and 20 non-working models that were used as placebos.

To ensure their credibility, Freedom Laser Therapy employed a third party, independent consulting firm, NST Consulting LLC to administer all aspects of the study.  This was done to ensure that the results were completely unbiased and accurate, free from any potential meddling from within the company itself.

“I recommend laser therapy to anyone suffering from alopecia as it’s clinically proven to reverse hair loss.” – Dr. Adam Bodian

100% Success Rate With At Least a 43% Increase In Hair Growth

The results of this study revealed that 100% of both men and women showed significant hair growth and thickness of more than 43%.

“The results of this efficacy study suggest that the emerging low-level laser technology of the iRestore device plays a significant role in the physician’s toolkit of therapies for the disease androgenetic alopecia,” said Dr. Bodian.

Laser Treatment For Hair Loss: Side Effects?


According to doctors who have practiced low-level laser therapy, there are no known side effects with this type of treatment.

Not only are these types of lasers used for hair growth, they have also been used for decades in the medical field for other purposes.

Cold laser therapy is nothing new, the research behind hair growth laser treatment rides on the backbone of years of previous research in the medical field.

My Final Thoughts On Laser Hair Restoration

In my personal opinion, hair laser treatment is by far the best option for anyone, especially those who are on a limited budget.  Sure, these devices cost a couple hundred dollars, however, it’s a one time purchase.

When compared to the costs of purchasing medication, hair loss shampoo or essential oils over and over again, the overall cost of ownership is minimal.  I am not a rich man, so I too was hesitant to make the purchase.

Of course, my only fear was, what if I used it and didn’t see any results?  Nobody wants to spend a couple hundred dollars on something that ends up not even working.  It was the six-month money back guarantee that did it for me.  You really have nothing to lose.

With a 43% increase in hair growth, who would not want to give this a try?

I personally started using the iRestore hair growth system a few short weeks ago.  It’s too soon to give any report on progress this early in the process.

However, I am very excited about things to come.  Luckily for me, my hair has not thinned that badly, so I am sure I will see outstanding results.

I’m also thrilled that I was able to make a one time purchase, and as long as I take care of this device it should last me for years.

As the months go by I will be taking photos and posting articles here on my blog.

iRestore Reviews

The product reviews speak for themselves.  It’s amazing to see so many people having success with such an affordable device.

==>Don’t take my word for it, click here to check out some of the amazing iRestore reviews from actual users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I buy an iRestore laser hair growth system?

A. You can purchase the device directly from the manufacturer by clicking this link.

==>Click here to go to the iRestore product page.

Q. Are there before and after photos available for comparison?

A. Yes, I have been personally using this device since February 2018 and have shown significant progress. You can view my current before and after photos by visiting the following link:

==>Click here to see my current progress with before and after photos.

Other than my personal progress, the manufacturer has collected several photos and video testimonials submitted by users.  You can view these testimonials by clicking the following link:

Click here to view before and after photos, videos, and testimonials on the manufacturer’s website.

Q. Is the iRestore really the best laser hair growth device available today?

A. In my opinion absolutely.  When researching these products I took many different aspects into consideration including convenience, cost of ownership, scientific evidence, FDA clearance as well as efficacy.  Based on all of those factors I believe the iRestore rises above all the rest.  Besides, it’s pretty hard to beat that six-month money back guarantee.

Q. How long until I can expect to see results?

A. You can expect to see visible results from 12-24 weeks of continued use, of course, results will vary per individual.

Q. Can I use the iRestore every day?

A. No.  Based on clinical research the manufacturer recommends using the device every other day for 25 minutes.  Using the device more often than recommended will not result in faster hair growth, and may possibly do more harm than good.

Q. Does the iRestore work for both men and women?

A. Yes, laser hair growth therapy has shown successful results regardless of gender.

Q. How long do I need to wear the iRestore on my head?

A. The manufacturer recommends wearing the device for 25 minutes per session.  For convenience, the device is programmed to turn off automatically.

Q. Are the lasers harmful?

A. The device uses low-level lasers, also referred to as cold lasers.  These lasers are non-invasive, however, you should be careful to not look into a laser as this can cause permanent eye damage.

Q. What if the iRestore doesn’t work for me?

A. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, the company offers a six-month money back guarantee.  They even pay for return shipping!

==>You can view the details of the iRestore six-month guarantee by clicking here.

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