My Personal Laser Hair Growth Results After 1 Month: (iRestore Review)

November 2018: The Verdict Is In

After a ton of research and personal experience, I have narrowed down the one single hair restoration solution, with some amazing before and after pictures.

In my book, using a laser hair restoration helmet is the best option if you want to see considerable results while not spending a lot of money.

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Well, it’s been a month since I started using the iRestore hair laser growth system.  If you are not aware, this device is a lightweight helmet that uses both medical grade lasers and red LEDs to stimulate hair growth and thickness.

My Experience With The iRestore Hair Laser Growth System

For starters, I have to say that the company itself has incredible customer service, based both on what I have read from other reviews online and my own personal experience.

Although I haven’t had a need to reach out to iRestore, they have made many attempts to connect with me through email to ensure my experience was nothing less than satisfactory.

After the item initially shipped, they emailed me giving me a heads up along with the tracking info.  On the day of delivery, I got another email notifying me to expect the shipment.

Not too long after it was delivered I get yet another email letting me know it showed as delivered.  The email also provided a link to follow in the event of a missing delivery.

The item was packed well and included a small informational card placed on top of the unit.  This card was basically the first thing I saw and read.  It was simply a card that gave basic info on what to expect when using the device.

One of the things they mention on this card is that many users may experience what appears to be more hair loss in the beginning stages of treatment.  However, if this occurs there is no reason to panic.  This process of losing initial “weak” hairs is completely normal.  The idea is that the weaker hairs die off to make room for stronger, thicker hair.

Using The iRestore Helmet

Using the device for the first time was simple.  The instructions are easy to understand, and the device is basically idiot proof.  The device features two built-in safety measures: an automatic shutoff after 25 minutes plus an automatic shutoff if you remove the device from your head.

The device is very lightweight and does not create any kind of neck strain.  I will say at first I experienced what felt like a very slight burning sensation on my scalp.  I quickly discovered that it was simply my scalp getting a little uncomfortable with the position of the little pads from the helmet.  All I had to do was shift the helmet ever so slightly and the sensation went away.

Using the device was simple, all I had to do was sit down and watch something on TV or read for 25 minutes.  When the 25-minute session was up, the device beeped and powered down automatically.

The simplicity of the iRestore laser hair growth system along with its solid history of success makes it by far one of the best hair growth products for men and women alike.

Man! Was that super easy or what!  I have to admit that using the iRestore for hair growth was not the first time I attempted to fix my hair issue.  I remember the days of mixing and applying hair loss essential oils.

Yeah, that phase of my life didn’t last too long, more like a couple of days.  I have better things to do than mix oils that make me smell for a couple of hours. I’d rather sit, wear a helmet and press a button every other day.

If I were marketing to people like myself I would say:

The iRestore Laser Hair Growth System is the laziest way to restore your hair, guaranteed.

Hey wait a minute, I am marketing to people like myself!  I got so excited about the iRestore that I became an affiliate.  So if you ever want to buy one, do me a solid and click on my link.  The cost will not change whatsoever, so regardless if you purchase through my link or not, you will pay the same price.

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Besides, I don’t personally think essential oils for hair loss are as effective as laser hair treatment. Using oil for hair loss may seem like a low-cost alternative up front.  However, keep in mind that as it stands right now, there is no cure for baldness.  That means you have to continually combat hair loss.

Can you see how using oil for hair loss could end up costing thousands over time? Even if you find the best oil for hair growth and thickness, you’re going to have to purchase it for the rest of your life.  Yet another reason I chose to go with an at-home hair laser treatment.  It was a one time purchase, making the iRestore one of the most economical choices in hair therapy.

I got real smart and have the iRestore sitting in my end table drawer right next to my couch, already plugged in and ready to go.  That way every other day all I have to do is grab it from the drawer and put it on.  I can’t even imagine myself ever skipping a day due to the fact that it’s so easy to use.

As the weeks went by I have been shaving my head down to 1/8 inch with an electric shaver.  The reason I did this was to help me gauge actual hair density, instead of just letting it get longer.

My Results After One Month

For starters, one month is usually not enough time to really make measure the effectiveness of a hair growth laser system.  However, with the results I have seen so far, I was just unable to hold out any longer on writing this post.

Visually there has not been a whole lot of improvement, but when it comes to density and thickness that is a totally different story.  The current hair that I have is getting thicker, in my opinion, it’s a lot thicker than before I started using the iRestore.

Back before I started using the device, my hair always felt very thin and weak, even if it was shaved down to 1/8 inch.  Typically it was very light and thin, and my balding spot on the back of my head felt almost nonexistent when shaved down to 1/8 inch.

I guess you could say that it was almost like I had peach fuzz on top, surrounded by thin hair all around.  Now my hair feels really strong, I can really feel the hairs push back against my skin when I move my hand over my head.

Even on my thinning spot, it feels a lot stronger.  On top of that, I am also seeing more hair coming back, although this is the part that seems to be going a lot slower.

In my receding hairline, I am seeing the same effect.  The hair that is present is getting thicker while lost hair is growing back, very slowly.  I figure these hairs will grow back slowly, then over time get thicker as the treatment continues.

In my opinion, based on my personal experience:

  1. The hair that I already have is getting thicker, faster.
  2. Some hair that was lost is starting to grow back, this process seems to be a lot slower.

The iRestore Is Not Just Helping Me Grow My Hair Back

This was the part that I was not quite expecting, and you cannot minimize this aspect of a product of this caliber.  With just one month seeing the results I have seen, my self-esteem and personal image have improved dramatically.

It feels like this device is day by day erasing the years and turning back the clock.  Hey call me vain but I do care about my personal appearance.  Everything from clothing, to taking care of my body.

Due to the increase in self-esteem, I have taken more interest in my overall health altogether.  Since I happen to be slightly overweight (I guess 40lbs over is slight), I decided to increase my efforts in losing weight.

I have been on a ketogenic diet for quite some time, but now I have finally caved and started going to the gym.  If you ever spoke to those who know me well, they would be the first to tell you that you would not catch me dead in a gym.

Excited About The Future

With all of this put together, I am really excited for what is in store for me in the next couple of months.  I really have a great feeling about this product.  It looks like it’s really going to work well for me.  I personally feel that the iRestore is the best product for hair growth for men and women.

5 months from now I will have the final 6-month result with pictures taken before, during and after treatment.  I think that continuing to keep my head shaved at 1/8 inch right before photographing will give others a very solid base to judge how effective this treatment is.

iRestore Reviews and Before and After Photos

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UPDATE: November 2018

Great news! It has been nine months since I have started the iRestore and the results are in. Does the iRestore really work? Read my latest iRestore review to find out:

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The increase in thickness and coverage of my bald spot is nothing less than staggering!

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Author: Tom

My name is Tom and I like to purchase, compare, and research different consumer products and then write about them online to help others make wise purchasing decisions. On this site I blog about my personal experiences using the iRestore laser hair growth system. I have been personally using this product for some time now and I am more than happy with the results.